Friction Reducers

They are chemical products that provide an immediate solution to transportation problems, they are the immediate and safe option.

A-1020 M (FLO-1020 Improver)
A-1010 M (FLO-1010 Improver)

They represent an immediate and safe option for all your hydrocarbon transportation programs. They are used to maintain or increase transportation capacity, and/or reduce the operating pressure of pipelines that handle crude and/or other hydrocarbon products, as well as to increase pipeline operating reliability.

Friction Reducing Agents
How do they work?

Apollo Friction Reducing Agents are chemical products whose main action is to reduce the friction that is produced by the physical contact of the fluid that is transported with the inner wall of the flow line. The resulting effect is the ordering of the chaotic movement of the molecules of the fluid and consequently decreases the operating pressure. This results in an increase in the transport capacity of the crude oil, or hydrocarbon that is transported using the same amount of energy, without making modifications to the infrastructure of the pipeline or to its dynamic pumping equipment.

Friction Reducing Agents represent the immediate, safe, and lowest-cost option to meet increases in hydrocarbon and petroleum transportation programs.

Success stories of Apollo friction reducing agents


With more than 20 years of experience with Friction Reducing Agents, Quimica Apollo has obtained satisfactory results in more than 20 pipelines with diameters ranging from 6″ to 30″ and lengths ranging from 60 kms to more than 400 kms. In the PEMEX transport network, flow has increased from 20% to 100%. This was achieved through the use of Apollo Friction Reducing Agents.


For a pipeline that runs through a densely populated city like Mexico City. It was necessary to decrease its operating pressure to increase the level of safety of the population, with the injection of reducing agents. Apollo has managed to reduce the line pressure up to 20%


A hydrocarbon pipeline in the Southeast of Mexico, the user had to increase operational reliability and saving gas consumption in their pumping systems; with the application of Apollo friction reducing agents, up to 10% was saved.


In a polyduct consisting of 8 PEMEX re-pumping stations, a station suffered severe damage to its dynamic pumping system, with the injection of friction reducing agents, it was possible to replace the station while preserving the transport flow.